Monday, 14 January 2013

Review: Damn Good Detoxes

It's 2 weeks into the new year, and high time for a long-belated Ooooh!

How are you getting on with your resolutions?

Mine, as always, is to be a better version of myself than I was the year before. Is my resolution rather generic and foolproof (and by foolproof, I mean that it give me lots of wiggle room to fall off the wagon)? Hell yea! But fear not, dear reader... I do have a specific goal in mind for 2013.

To get health-y/ier.

I'll admit to making a few bad health choices in 2012. The biggest culprits were the few slimming pills (off the counter and prescribed) that I started taking, because I thought that they were a quick fix for weightloss. What they really did was give me near-daily migraines, blurred vision and a general sense of toxicity. Like my body was in constant gnawing pain. Worse yet, when I went off the pills, I gained back the weight that I lost through them and then some. Horrors!

And so I did what probably no sane person would do - take more pills. Dear reader, you must be thinking "WTF!" But really. I took detox pills. Ha!

And so here is the story of how I became a detox convert, and here follows my reviews of the evangelising products.

1. Applied Nutrition 14 Day Acai Berry Cleanse and 14 Day Fat Burn Cleanse - here
2. Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse - here
I started off my detox journey with these two very basic, very cheap cleanses. I much preferred the Applied Nutrition cleanse for the following reason: they worked their cleansing magic almost immediately. And secondly, I'm terribly forgetful when it comes to taking pills, so the Applied Nutrition cleanse wins hands down - their program consists of a fewer number of pills and only goes on for two weeks while the Nature's Secret one takes a month and calls for a whopping max of 12 a day. You don't have to take the full amount, but Nature's Secret just didn't have the same "kick" as Applied Nutrition when I took less than 12. 

On the downside (or not, depending on your tolerance), Applied Nutrition is a lot stronger and intense (yes, that means going #2 a few times a day). If that's something that you can handle, Applied Nutrition can be an excellent and somewhat violent kickstarter. If it's a gentle introduction to detoxing, or maintenance you're going for, then  Nature's Secret might be for you. I didn't experience any major side effects for either, save for slight headaches. Remember to leave 3 months in between cleanses - that means a maximum of 4 a year.

3. Kilo Off Cellulite Buster
While Kilo Off isn't exactly a detoxing cleanse per se, it does help flush out toxins and water weight that aggravate the appearance of cellulite. This one really helped smooth out my bits and bumps, and the effects lasted for a good while. Awesome for a special night out or a beach vacation. But at around S$30 for a bottle that lasts only a week, this stuff doesn't come cheap. Would I buy this again? In a heartbeat/thigh-wobble.

4. David Kirsch Wellness 48 Hour  Super Charged Cleanse - here
Heidi Klum's a fan of this. Say no more. Sign me up.

Marketing aside, this cleanse has an intriguing concept - if you're chewing, you're cheating. No food for 48 hours, just sip on this cleansing blend four times a day. I'm struggling with my diet at the moment, so this sounds like a way to restart my relationship with food i.e. give me perspective on what I really need to eat and what I absolutely don't need

From the various reviews I've read, it seems that this cleanse isn't the most healthiest/balanced one on the market... No shit. So if you're going to give this a try, make sure you take a break from any strenuous activity for 48 hours. Don't walk the dog, don't pet the dog, don't go for a run, don't even water the plants. Do the cleanse on a weekend where you can cocoon yourself with a stack of magazines and 1 season's worth of Revenge. Have a friend on speed dial and make sure he/she has an emergency bar of Snickers on hand. Quin, I'm counting on you.

5. Lemon and water
No, really. It's really just a tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with 350ml of warm water. First thing every morning. It cleanses, detoxes, and supposedly aids weight loss. I'm only on week 2, but I already feel more balanced and energized. Pshaawwww, fiddlesticks and poppycock, you say? Nope. Here's proof.

Of course, consult your physician if you think you'd like to take any of the above and remember to drink lots of (lemon) water.

Cheers to a healthy 2013!

xoxo, Char

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Swoon: Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2012 Print Ad Campaign

My favourite of the whole lot!

They can do no wrong...

xoxo, Quin

Swoon: Akris Sping/ Summer 2012 Print Ad Campaign

"Spectacularly unspectacular"-this is how one leading US American fashion critic has deftly characterized the house of Akris, and she is right on target. Akris stands for state-of-the-art fashion that makes perfect sense, effortlessly to the needs of today's women, where true creativity and innovation segue into wearability; fashion whose clear, architecturally inspired lines will work as well tomorrow as they do today.
Fashion at Akris is more than a visual event. Clothing is a protective sheath that enters into a sensual dialogue with the body of the woman who wears it. That is why fabrics play a crucial role. For Akris designer Albert Kriemler, they are the mother lode of fashion and one of its most important sources of inspiration. In his own words, "The design of every item begins with a piece of fabric in my hand."
Akris is exclusive, a quality enhanced by the subtlety of understatement. Albert Kriemler pinpoints his objective: "When a woman walks into a room, I want people to notice her personality first and her clothing second."
This is their Spring/ Summer 2012 Print Ad Campaign

xoxo, Quin

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crave: Zara wishlist

With the Zara sale almost here, isn't it time we all started staking our territory?

Below is a small collection of simple, creamy things  that are likely to wreck extreme havoc on my wallet in the coming weeks. But I know they'll feel just at home with the usual suspects hanging around my wardrobe.

Do I want all of them? Yes. All of them.

And more!

xoxo, Char

Playing Dress Up: Sneakers on a Sunday

On the heels of Quin's post on the ultra-glam Louboutin app, comes my own shoe post on... 


I picked up a pair of grungy canvas men's Energie sneakers on a whim over the weekend. They're about 2 sizes too big for me, and really not my usual style at all... But they were going for S$35, so what the heck. 

And then I got home and realised that nothing in my girly wardrobe goes with those shoes. Oh woe, whatever can I wear them with? Google has the answer for that (and just about anything else, really).

Wish me luck in getting my hands on the necklaces. They're absolutely gorgeous and also absolutely out of this month's budget.

xoxo, Char